The High Visibility Project

Collecting and surfacing the stories of women in technology.

Daphne LaRose

I’m Daphne Larose, a programmer and founder of the blog BlackFemaleCoders. I’m really interested in getting more women, and particularly black women, involved in the development community and I love finding any opportunity to talk about how awesome I find programming to be.

If you’re interested in learning more about BlackFemaleCoders and/or what I do, or if you just have general questions, feel free to get in touch on twitter (@blackfemcoders) or via email! @blackfemcoders

Garann Means

I didn’t grow up wanting to be a programmer or even having an interest in computers – I fell into it quite accidentally. After spending years as a backend developer, I’m back to doing frontend dev now, thanks in part to the inspiration I’ve drawn from meeting people within the frontend dev community. @garannm