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Stress is what drives a young teenager into a relationship. Confirming that she conceived a child creates additional tension. She is too young to face this mental dilemma and incapable of knowing what to do with respect to pregnancy. In addition, a large number of adverse consequences accompany a teenage pregnancy, a major one being social stigma. Study studies have proven this in galore.

Let’s discuss about the cons of getting pregnant in 15 years old –

How old is an adolescent? It’s between 10 and 19 years in somewhere. At this age being pregnant can be life-threatening. For a pregnant woman in the 15 to 19 age group, death rates are four times higher than for women between the ages of 25 and 29. There is an elevated chance for the unborn child too. It is also worse for girls dropping into the 10-14 age group. The child is likely to die prematurely, or face severe health problems, if they have live births. This is one of the main disadvantages of having a baby in 15 years old.

a sad girlTeenage pregnancy hinders the girl from pursuing her education. Hence the drop-out rate is very high. Also if they come from similar backgrounds, 61 percent of teenagers are waiting to have babies until the age of 20 to 21, and thereby finishing high school. In contrast, there are those girls who give birth to children before they reach the age of 18; only 41 percent of them become high school graduates.

Even after giving birth the young mother finds it hard to keep up with her peers when it comes to academic success. She is forced to repeat courses in standardized tests and displays low scoring. When all is said and done, she will never graduate.

It is impossible to find a daily source of income as every career needs certain skills that are distinctly lacking due to lack of sufficient education.

After a teenage pregnancy, the only alternative left is to take public assistance, that is to go to welfare. Many of these teenagers are single and, within five years of becoming mothers, over 75 percent ask for assistance. Many researchers believe that poverty-ridden teens embrace pregnancy so they can get financial help from the father of the child; this is supposed to be a method of survival to avoid hopeless poverty.a pregnant woman with a kid

Children born to these young parents often exhibit delayed psycho-social development and malnutritional consequences. This is because of a lack of parenting skills for a teenage mother. She does not understand what her child wants, and does not know the value of smiling, engaging or interacting verbally with her child. Child rage is being carried out against society and physical abuse is likely.